Apparently my love for traveling is a family trait.  My grandparents remind me of this regularly, citing the many moves they did as a family throughout the Prairies with a young family, and finally settling on the West Coast of British Columbia.  My father lives and works in the United Arab Emirates, and my mother embarks on at least one big international trip a year, most often solo.  So it is no real surprise for me then that traveling comes so naturally and regularly. 

The sincere love I have for meeting new people, seeing new areas of this country, and being exposed to new ways of thinking and working together continues to feed this travel bug of mine.  And this lends itself well to Hands On Media Education in very exciting ways, because though we are Montreal-based, we are eager and flexible to travel anywhere in Canada to deliver PD or student workshops.  No community too remote; no flight too long! 

Having this flexibility and freedom to travel easily is a truly wonderful part of existing as a small operation, and one we are proud of.  Contact us for details concerning off-site services.