Just in time for the start of the new school year, Hands On Media is introducing a series of customized, hands-on media workshops for both students and teachers in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

For Educators

Our educational system must keep up in order to remain relevant, as we all rely on some form of technology to express ourselves and share our experiences. These workshops are designed to provide teachers with a solid foundation in digital storytelling, allowing them to seamlessly integrate digital literacy, media literacy & media production into their curriculum.

Teaching Animation in the Classroom equips educators with easy-to-use Stop-Motion techniques. Animation is an excellent way to engage students and make any subject or theme come alive. This 3-5 hour workshop will provide practical, hands-on experience in how to set up an animation station, how to story-board an idea, how to capture animation images, and how to sound effects, voice and music. This course is geared towards educators of students 6 years old and up.

Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom introduces educators to the concept of developing 2 – 3 minute visual narratives and offers basic strategies for creating digital stories in the classroom. Mediums used include photographs, video, voice, text and music. This is a 5-hour workshop and it’s geared towards educators who teach students 13 years old and up.

For more information on these workshops, visit the Professional Development section of our website.

For Students

Nothing engages students more than interactive learning. At a time where common thinking still seems to be to keep technology and gadgets out of the classroom, the truth is that embracing these new tools is the path to greater learning. If you want to excite your students and inspire them to learn in a fun and challenging environment, read on.

The iPad Stop Motion Animation Workshop gives students a hands-on introduction to the basic principles of animation, including story-boarding, character creation, and production. Watch as your students fall in love with the process while learning to work as a team in order to create their own short stop-motion film. This is a 3-hour workshop, but we also offer a 5-hour version that includes sound and narration design. Geared towards students 6 years old and up, maximum of 30 participants per workshop.

The iPad Digital Storytelling Workshop enables students to use digital photographs, video, voice, text, and music to create a personal narrative in the form of a digital video project. Rather than simply consuming media, your students become an active participant in its creation. Suitable for any curriculum or classroom these, this 5-hour workshop teaches digital and media literacy skills as it encourages students to reflect on their rights and responsibilities as they consume and produce media. Participants will storyboard their projects, learn photography composition and video editing using iMovie. Suitable for ages 13 years old and up, maximum of 30 people per workshop.

To learn more, please consult the Student Workshop section of our website.

Be the teacher that makes a difference by bringing an unforgettable, immersive, hands-on experience right into the classroom. There is nothing like the pride and sense of accomplishment your students will feel after completing one of our programs, and they will carry the skills they learn with them for the rest of their lives.

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