Hands On Media Education is thrilled to have joined the inspiring roster of organizations and initiatives on ArtBridges’ Community-Engaged Arts Directory!

The Directory is a database of information about accessible and/or affordable community-engaged arts projects, programs, organizations and resources in Canada; a scroll through the profiles provides an exciting glimpse at the diversity of community-engaged arts initiatives happening all across the country.

Founded in 2008, ArtBridges is a hub for community-engaged arts initiatives with a mission to connect people interested or active in community-engaged arts nationwide. It seeks to nurture and provide better access to community-engaged arts through "ArtBridging" - a term created by the organization to describe the creation of networks and collaborations between community arts projects, programs, organizations and resources to produce positive benefits to Canadian communities.

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ArtBridges believes that the arts are a crucial component of healthy community development, strengthening the bonds between generations, improving health and a range of other socio-economic outcomes, and increasing community engagement, amongst other benefits. 

At Hands On Media, we also believe in the power of the arts to strengthen communities and expand opportunities for meaningful dialogue and self-expression. To this end, we’ve developed a range of customized workshops to help our clients do just that – from a workshop on Black History Month, told through animation, to digital story projects on the personal and cultural impacts of climate change.     


You can learn more about ArtBridges here, and to learn more about our socially-focused workshops, contact us today!