I cannot believe it.

The 3 years of Hands On Media have truly flown by.

The story begins November 2015 after I had a logo, our website up-and-running, and 5 new purchased iPads. My first workshop trip as Hands On Media Education (or HOME) was booked for one of the most beautiful places on earth: Haida Gwaii. I could hardly believe my luck.

Haida Gwaii

The location of our very first Hands On Media workshop tour.

Since that mythical workshop tour by plane and 3 ferry boats (which saw me delivering 4 Media Education Workshops to 75 students and teachers), we have spent the last 3 years travelling, teaching and spreading the word and skills about Media Literacy, Critical Thinking and Responsible Media Creation across Canada and beyond. We have also grown from a team of one (me!) to an incredible group of talented, enthusiastic and passionate staff who have either taught, assisted or supported the delivery of hundreds of workshops to thousands of teachers and students.


And what better time to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, than during Media Literacy Week 2018!

What is Media Literacy Week, you ask?

In short, this is a week that Canadians celebrate the importance of critical thinking and creation when it comes to the massive world of Media. Who created this message? What lifestyles or values or represented in this media, and which ones are left out? What creative elements were used to attract my attention? These are just some examples of what it means to engage with media critically…but that’s not all.

We at Hands On Media are all about CREATION as the final step of Media Literacy, and that is why we offer production-based Media Literacy Workshops using Digital Storytelling and Stop Motion Animation.


To celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary AND Media Literacy Week this year, Monday November 5th we will be launching our MEDIA EDUCATION IS CRITICAL campaign, showcasing supporters of ours from around the world and their thoughts about why Media Education is important. Follow our hashtag #HOMEiscritical on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and please share your own thoughts with us about why YOU think Media Education is important.

Amy Siegel, Director of ReFrame International Documentary Film Festival, Peterborough, Ontario.

Amy Siegel, Director of ReFrame International Documentary Film Festival, Peterborough, Ontario.

For Media Literacy Week we are also hosting several exciting Media & Digital Literacy Workshops:

  1. Monday November 5th @ McGill Faculty of Education (Montreal, QC), delivering “Digital Literacy Training for Canadian Educators” Workshop with 30 Pre-Service educators.

  2. Wednesday November 7th @ Bishop’s University (Sherbrooke, QC), delivering “Digital Literacy Training for Canadian Educators” Workshop with 45 Pre-Service educators.

  3. Thursday November 8th @ Concordia University (Montreal, QC), delivering “Create a Digital Story: Showcase your Digital and Creative Capabilities" Workshop with 30 Undergraduate Students as part of the FutureReady Program.

If you are interested in learning more about Media Literacy Week and/or how you can bring Media & Digital Literacy into your own classroom, university, organization or research project, contact us today. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

Happy Media Literacy Week everyone! People of all ages in every area of the world need these skills to survive and thrive in today’s digital world. #medialitwk