The weather forecast may be filled with snow here in Montreal, but we’re already dreaming of warmer days! If you’re also thinking ahead to the summer, why not consider booking a Hands On Media Summer Camp?


We offer summer camp packages that can be customized for a range of ages, settings, and special needs, and can be delivered in French or English. Our camps are highly interactive and production-based, allowing participants to explore their creative side and try their hand at making their own short animation or digital story. We also help young people develop valuable digital literacy skills, encouraging them to reflect on their roles as responsible digital citizens.

Oh, and did we mention they’re tonnes of fun?


Bring your students into a world of magic and creativity through our iPad Stop Motion Animation Camp! Based around a theme of your choosing, participants will learn how animation differs from other forms of filmmaking, and will get to make their very own stop motion animation using a combination of tactile and digital exploration and problem solving. Participants will learn how to storyboard their animation idea, create their own characters using clay, and use a simple iPad app to execute all the production stages of a complete animation video. 

Our Digital Storytelling Camp guides participants through the process of creating a digital video, weaving together photographs, video, voice, text and music to produce a compelling personal narrative. Easily adaptable to any theme, this camp allows participants to move from being passive consumers of media to active creators. Participants will storyboard their project, learn photography composition skills, and edit their projects using iMovie. This camp is also packed with digital literacy skills, encouraging students to reflect on their rights and responsibilities as both consumers and producers of media.   

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our services or discuss booking your own customized Summer Camp!