Did you know that we offer workshops remotely? It’s a big world out there, but thanks to the power of the Internet, we are bridging the divide!

We are currently delivering Digital Storytelling Workshops to seven communities in the Beaufort Delta, Nunavut, as part of an e-learning course. Participants in these remote workshops create their own personal narratives by weaving digital photographs, video, voice, text and music together to create short digital films. Using Skype, we guide participants through every stage of the production process, from storyboarding to editing.

The workshop provides an opportunity for students to move from being passive consumers of media to active creators, and also teaches important digital literacy skills, encouraging students to reflect on their rights and responsibilities as consumers and producers of media. 


Creating a personal narrative through digital storytelling can be a transformative experience for participants. The impact of sharing these stories and connecting with others’ experiences is also powerful. In fact, three of the digital stories created during our first remote workshop series were selected for the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2017 Young Filmmakers Showcase – an event that features short films created for young people by young people.

In addition to the remote digital storytelling workshops currently underway, we have two new remote workshop series happening in April with students in grades 10 and 11. We can’t wait to share in the unique stories they have to tell!

If you’re interested in learning more about our remote workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact us!