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Back in November of last year we celebrated 3 YEARS of being Hands On Media, and we thought it would be awesome to connect with the partners, teachers and clients we have worked with all across Canada and beyond. We posed our supporters a question:

What does Media Education mean to you?

And we were overwhelmed with the response!

Our supporters sent us their thoughts & great selfies wearing our awesome new Hands On Media Education swag, with contributions from all over Canada, plus the US, Japan, America, the UK and India. We got to see and hear a kaleidoscope of ways in which Media Education benefits people’s lives — Check out the sweet gallery below see their awesome pics, and click on each to read their words and thoughts!

We also created a really cool word cloud here (seen left), which helps give you an idea of what words and concepts were repeated, created from all our #HOMEisCritical responses.

At every single step of that journey, we’ve been spreading the message that Media Literacy, Critical Thinking and Responsible Media Creation are crucial. We’ve been empowering students, educators and life-long learners with the skills to tell their own stories using digital media.

We now have a real and tangible sense of COMMUNITY that is fostered through this kind of work.

The scope of support we’ve had has also been a reminder that people of all ages, and in every area of the globe, critically need media literacy skills to survive and to thrive. Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in spreading the message: Hands On Media Education is critical! As we approach a new year of 2019, let’s keep on spreading that important message - #HOMEisCRITICAL

(And remember, it’s not too late to order your own sweatshirt or let us know: What does Media Education mean to YOU? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Contact us today to learn how you can join our community).