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We have arrived on the West Coast !

Haida Heritage Centre, Skidegate, BC

Haida Heritage Centre, Skidegate, BC

After an epic series of ferry and small boat rides from Vancouver, BC, we have arrived on Haida Gwaii for our series of workshops with School District 50.  Tomorrow will be a student Digital Storytelling workshop at George M. Dawson Secondary School in Masset, followed by 2 days of Professional Development workshops for elementary and secondary teachers, ending with a Stop Motion Animation workshop in the community of Port Clements with a Grade 3 class. 

I have had a few days here in Queen Charlotte and Skidegate to meet some very nice folks, get down to the ocean to hear from a few fisherman, hike a little through the forest, enjoy a delicious dinner party with new friends, and then yesterday spent the day speaking to and learning from pole carvers and explore the incredible Haida Museum. 

This trip is off to an amazing start, with many updates to come from Masset!