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Autumn Update from HOME: Media Literacy Week, Teacher Survey & More Workshops!

Hello everyone!

With the 2016-2017 School Year off to a great start here in Montreal, we have much to report from HOME.  (Isn't our Hands On Media Education acronym so good?!) 

Where to start...

Our free workshop contest and Teacher Survey has been very informative for us, with over 30 teachers responding with how they use technology in the classroom.  Did you know 100% of our teacher respondents use some kind of tech in the classroom, but 86.2% are wanting to learn more about media literacy and hands-on workshops at future Professional Development opportunities??  Luckily for them, this is why we exist, and we are excited to help them grow and learn soon.    Contest deadline is October 31st 2016, so please share the survey, and help us serve Canadian educators as best we can! 

Our new workshop season got off with a bang, starting with a great partnership with Vallum Poetry Magazine to deliver several iPad Stop Motion Animation + Poetry Workshops at the alternative outreach highschool Perspectives II.  Each group of students pre-selected a poem which they used as inspiration for their animations, and then worked as a team to develop a story and storyboard.  They then created their own clay characters, and took a series of images using iPads.  Sound, titles and credits were added, followed by a group screening of their final productions, and what an incredible and inspiring collection of work they produced!  Stories of break-ups, daydreaming, and Black Lives Matter are just a few examples.  Take a look at one here, titled "The Flower of Love". 

November is going to be one of our busiest months, as the word has spread throughout the EMSB of our workshops, and so have several booked with Perspectives I, II and Venture in Verdun.  We also have the exciting news of Media Literacy Week, a national Media Literacy and Education campaign October 31st - November 5th 2016.

Because the theme of MWL this year is "Makers & Creators" our HOME workshops are a perfect fit, and as such, have been invited to collaborate on a few exciting events.

Thursday Nov. 3: In partnership with kidsCODEjeunesse, we are hosting 4 FREE student workshops @ Notman House, delivering iPad Stop Motion Animation & Coding for kids in both English et en francais.  Nearby schools have already been invited and registered.

Saturday Nov. 5: In partnership with Rubika, we are pleased to host a FREE Digital Storytelling for Educators, and there are still a few spots available!  Register through Eventbrite here.   

If you are interested in learning how we can help you, your staff and students incorporate technology into the classroom or workspace through engaging, educational and fun activities, please get in touch!  We would be happy to speak with you about how our hands-on, customized and effective workshops can bring 21st century skills and learning to any pedagogical objective.


Feeling Recharged from BC + Ready for Next Workshops!

We are back from an incredible journey to Haida Gwaii, BC for the last few weeks, and what a productive and recharging trip it was!  A total of 4 workshops were delivered : 1 student Stop Motion Animation with Grade 3 students in Port Clements, 1 student Digital Storytelling with Grade 8 students in Masset, and 2 Professional Development workshops at George M, DawsonSecondary School.  There was a lot of enthusiasm for the new apps and techniques I introduced to them, and I am optimistic there will be many more animations and Digital Stories coming from these students in the near future :) 

Aside from the educational workshops, some highlights of Haids Gwaii were staying with so many hospitable and helpful locals, learning about so many aspects of life on the island that I would never have gotten staying in a hotel, and experiencing the magical beauty of this part of the world.  It is hard to describe how beautiful these islands are:  the never-ending beaches, the moss-covered forests, the rich Haida culture, the full moon rising over North Beach...  I cannot recommend visiting (or moving to) Haida Gwaii more.

Thank you to everyone in Haida Gwaii for your generosity, knowledge, and unforgettable welcome.

Now that November is in full swing, many new plans are taking shape:  Our first Montreal workshop is taking place this Friday with a group of Grade 1 Francophone students where we will be making Stop Motion animations.  A visit to New Brunswick is tentatively booked with the Acadian Film Festival to meet the Deputy Minister of Education in Fredericton, a trip to Labrador for the Labrador Creative Arts Festival to deliver a series of Stop Motion Animation workshops is almost confirmed (fingers crossed), and near the end of the month we will be delivering Professional Development workshops with two huge teacher conferences in Montreal, QPAT and SPEAQ. 

I feel recharged from this trip to BC, and even more confident in the limitless potential for media education with Canadian teachers and students.  Please spread the word about our work, and don't hesitate to get in touch about any questions you may have about what we can do together!


We have arrived on the West Coast !

Haida Heritage Centre, Skidegate, BC

Haida Heritage Centre, Skidegate, BC

After an epic series of ferry and small boat rides from Vancouver, BC, we have arrived on Haida Gwaii for our series of workshops with School District 50.  Tomorrow will be a student Digital Storytelling workshop at George M. Dawson Secondary School in Masset, followed by 2 days of Professional Development workshops for elementary and secondary teachers, ending with a Stop Motion Animation workshop in the community of Port Clements with a Grade 3 class. 

I have had a few days here in Queen Charlotte and Skidegate to meet some very nice folks, get down to the ocean to hear from a few fisherman, hike a little through the forest, enjoy a delicious dinner party with new friends, and then yesterday spent the day speaking to and learning from pole carvers and explore the incredible Haida Museum. 

This trip is off to an amazing start, with many updates to come from Masset!