digital literacy is now mandatory

Today, people live their whole lives – education, work, citizenship, family, and friendship – online. In this digital world, being illiterate is not only a risk to your livelihood, but also to your safety, your security, and your happiness. The days of “supplementary” digital media literacy education and training are no longer sustainable. Digital media literacy is a core component of education, policy, and business strategies because no individual, government, or company can thrive or survive without it.

Headed by Jessie Curell. one of Canada’s Digital Media Literacy experts, Hands On Media Education can help you and your organization navigate the constantly changing digital world. Delivering over 500 workshops, Jessie saw the value of her approach that prioritizes learning through production and application, observing a transformative impact on individuals and their communities.

“When you know how to create digital media, you begin to consume it in more critical and intentional ways,” says Curell, having seen and heard these results time and time again over the course of her career.

Jessie’s insights have been echoed in the recent prioritization of production-based approaches in policy recommendations focused on the future of work, including UNESCO’s Framework of Reference for Digital Skills report and the G20’s The Future of Work and Education in the Digital Age report.

We provide relevant and customized digital media literacy tools, training and expertise across three main services:

Digital Literacy Consultations

Digital Media Literacy expertise for researchers, program coordinators, organizations and governments

We regularly partner with major research projects and initiatives across Canada, in the North and globally.

Contact us with opportunities to collaborate, to gather and share digital literacy insights, to develop best practices and bridge the digital divide.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Customized media education workshops for your staff, educators, faculty, librarians or museum staff.

Our immersive approach to media education was developed - and has been proven - through thousands of hours of engagement with students and educators.

From tackling "fake news" to exploring virtual reality, our workshops deliver meaningful opportunities to engage with the evolving media landscape.

Click here to find out more about the types of workshops we offer (both on-site and remote).

Remote Webinars

Webinars, Videos, downloadable tools and resources for adults, parents, educators and those interested in becoming Digitally Literate.

Ready mid-October 2019, we are currently developing our online education resource library, including monthly webinars, curricula for educators, tips and tricks!

More coming soon!