Hello, my name is Jessie, and I have been a Media Educator in Canada for 13 years.  I am writing to you because Canadian teachers need your help.

I design and deliver hands-on media workshops for students of all ages. These workshops are rooted in Media & Digital Literacies, where students learn how to think critically about the media they are consuming, and are then provided an opportunity to create their own media project using digital tools. I also train teachers on how to incorporate these same workshops into their own classrooms.  

I want to provide all Canadian students the opportunity to express themselves through art-based media projects, no matter what kind of access to technology they have. Creation in this way is empowering, liberating, therapeutic, and so incredibly important for self-expression in the 21st century. 

But through my work across Canada, meeting thousands of teachers and students, I have noticed a very troubling situation: The Digital Divide.   


Canadian public school classrooms, especially in under-served and lower-income neighbourhoods are being left behind in the age of digital information and education.  

These students aren’t getting a new laptop or iPad of their own when they begin a new school year. They barely have access to technology in the school at all. Many schools I have visited don’t even have a reliable internet connection in their entire school.

Most importantly, these teachers aren’t getting the Digital Literacy training they need. Without this essential professional development for our teachers, our less privileged students in Canada are falling behind in employment, opportunity & success. 

In 2014 the Canadian Government launched a Digital Initiative for accessibility and education in order to address the Digital Divide. In a report they stated:

"Digital media are an omnipresent reality for today's youth. From cell phones to iPods to video games to computers, digital media touch every aspect of students' lives. Digital activities popular with youth may appear to be child's play, but research indicates that these digitized toys and pursuits help young people develop a wide range of aptitudes and skills that are needed in a digital economy.

It is, therefore, imperative that their educational experience acknowledges this reality. Education of our youth must not only utilize technology, but also provide the education necessary for young people to safely, effectively, and responsibly engage with digital media" - Digital Canada 150


Learn more about the global Digital Divide from the video below:


I have asked local Montreal app designer Mivil Deschenes and developers Martin and Francois from Osedea to create a totally unique, educator-focused, easy-to-use Stop Motion Animation App for the classroom.  The app will be available in both English and French.

This new app will be developed for iOS, Android, Chromebook and the web, making it versatile and accessible to as wide an audience as possible, transforming any classroom into the exciting, empowering and creative space we need them to be.

Our app will allow educators and students to create their very own animations, featuring:

  • Professional Development Stop-Motion Animation video tutorials, demonstrating each of the 3 steps of Film Production: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production 
  • Complete workshop outlines 
  • Storyboard templates 
  • Important Digital and Media Literacy resources & activities
  • Multi-environment Equipment List 
  • Curriculum objectives 
  • A video gallery for sharing completed classroom projects

By contributing to our Indiegogo Campaign, you will also be automatically invited to join our exclusive Digital Literacy community.
As members of this community, we will give you the app and our educational resources at a discounted price before anyone else, plus the opportunity to tell us how you like it, or tell us what else you’d like to include! Create powerful animations rich with educational value with your students, kids, friends and family. 

Some of our great perks include:

  • Early-bird App Download Codes + Exclusive Hands On Media Facebook Community membership,
  • Brand-new, hand-painted Nicole Legault Animation Station backgrounds for classroom or home use,
  • Personalized Stop Motion Animation Video from the Hands On Media Team,
  • The Gift of a 3 hour Professional Development Workshop for Educators at any Canadian school of your choice,
  • Gifting a Canadian school of your choice with an Animation Pack: 5 app download codes + 5 animation backgrounds,
  • Joining us for a Hands On Media workshop tour in any Canadian community of your choice,
  • Thank you postcard and limited edition prints from Montreal artist Nicole Legault,
  • Hands On Media T-Shirts!

Stay tuned for our Indiegogo Campaign launch reminder, and thank you in advance for
your support!