University/College Faculty Training

University/College Faculty Training

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For young Canadians, digital literacy skills are vital to:

  • supporting their safety and well-being,
  • improving their job prospects in an increasingly digital economy, and
  • enhancing their ability to engage with and contribute to the world around them.

In response to this growing need, many education ministries are adding digital literacy to their curricula, and teachers increasingly are called upon to ensure that their students acquire the skills necessary to flourish in a digital world.

Yet the overwhelming majority of faculties of education in Canada have struggled to integrate digital literacy into their teacher training programs.

Let Hands On Media design and develop curriculum and professional development resources that are tailored to your faculty's Digital Literacy needs. Bring us in to facilitate a custom training that targets the provincial/territorial-specific needs of your educators, students or school community. From designing a digital citizenship curriculum for your school, to offering educators the training and support they need to integrate technology into the classroom, we offer the flexibility and expertise you need.

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