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Digital literacy strategic planning and policy development

Schools are creating programs and policies to manage technology and kids’ access to it. Enlisting HOME’s expertise ensures that these programs and policies are research-based, comprehensive, effective and up-to-date in this fast-changing world. 

Examples of Deliverables:

  • Holistic research 

  • Group or individual guided session to establish understanding of status quo and goals

  • Audit of current policy or program based on school technology plan

  • Creation of policy or strategic action plan or interpretation of a mandate

  • Teacher training, knowledge mobilization and culture support



Professional development

With over 15 years of education experience and expertise developing and delivering programs with educators, HOME supports the execution of Professional Development including curriculum, educational content, lesson plans, assessments and more in order to help schools achieve Media & Digital Literacy goals and reinforce policies.

Examples of Deliverables:

  • Teacher training development and facilitation

  • Research and curriculum development

  • Progression of learning and content development

  • Lesson plan improvement or creation

  • Assets and resource development

Maximum 30 educators / staff

Workshop Costs

$350/participant + travel costs


online webinar delivery

In order to share our Media Education training, workshops, resources and experience with as many educators and organizations as possible, we have begun to offer remote Online Webinar Delivery.

Workshops we offer:

  • Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom

  • Using iPad Animation with your students


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening

remote deliver

123 Demo Street
Manhattan, NY 12345


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Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon or Evening


123 Demo Street
Manhattan, NY 12345