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Jessie Curell

An experienced, passionate and committed Media Educator for the past 14 years, Jessie Curell has been teaching dynamic, production-based Media and Digital Literacy workshops across Canada, the US and Asia with the National Film Board of Canada and a wide variety of schools, museums, non-profit organizations and film festivals. She has met thousands of teachers and students, and has first-hand knowledge of specific needs and interests, which have helped shape the way she works with each group.

A Selection of Institutions, School Boards and Organizations she has worked with:


  • High Commission of Canada, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, India.
  • National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Canada-wide.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Yukon & Quebec.
  • Canadian Heritage, Ottawa, ON.
  • Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON.
  • Institute for Canadian Citizenship, Toronto, ON.
  • Museum of Nature, Ottawa, ON.
  • Museum of History, Ottawa, ON.
  • McCord Museum, Montreal, QC.
  • National Art Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, ON.
  • Nunavut Sivuniksavut, Ottawa, ON.

School Boards:

  • Toronto District School Board, Toronto, ON.
  • English Montreal School Board, Montreal, QC.
  • Commission Scolaire de Montreal, Montreal, QC.
  • Vancouver School Board, Vancouver, BC.
  • Halifax Regional School Board.
  • Northwest Territories Teachers' Association.
  • Beauford Delta Education Council, NWT.


  • Media Smarts, Ottawa, ON.
  • Story Center, Berkley, CA.
  • Association for Media Literacy, Toronto, ON.
  • kidsCODEjeunesse, Montreal, QC.
  • Spectrum Productions, Montreal, QC.
  • Qikitani Inuit Association, Iqaluit, NU.
  • Western Arctic Moving Pictures, Yellowknife, NWT.
  • Fogo Island Arts Corporation, Fogo, NL.
  • Faucet Media Centre, Sackville, NB.
  • Leave Out ViolencE, Toronto, ON.
  • Regent Park Focus Media Centre, Toronto, ON.
  • Klondike Institute of Art & Culture, Dawson City, YT.
  • Yukon College, Mayo, YT.
  • Japanese Association of Language Teaching (JALT), Osaka, Japan.
  • Young Audiences of Louisiana, New Orleans, USA.
  • KidsmART NOLA, New Orleans, USA.

 Photo by: Cindy Boyce

Photo by: Cindy Boyce

Zynor majeed                                      Workshop Facilitator

Zynor Majeed graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Communication Studies, where he developed skills in various areas of media production such as audio, video, stop-motion and digital animation, and graphic design.

"On Borrowed Time", a short stop-motion animation that he co-created, was an official selection at two international film festivals in 2015. He regularly engages in creative work in his home town of Montreal, where he is also completing graduate studies in Educational Technology.


alexandra lemay                                      Workshop Facilitator

A graduate of both Concordia University and Sheridan College, Alexandra Lemay is an independent filmmaker specializing in stop-motion animation and traditional special effects. She works on personal and collaborative projects for museums, films and commercials as a writer, director, fabricator and animator. Her selection by the National Film Board Canada to join their apprenticeship program Hothouse led to the creation of her short film, ALL THE RAGE (2014). The film has been featured in many festivals, such as the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and it received a nomination for Best Short Film by Le Gala du Quebec cinema in 2016. More recently, Alexandra completed the NFB produced FREAKS OF NURTURE (2018), an animated short inspired by her own unorthodox upbringing. She is currently collaborating on freelance projects for advertising, academic programs and independent film projects.

Pavitra wickramasinghe                           Workshop Facilitator

Pavitra Wickramasinghe is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Montréal. She makes drawings, sculptures, videos and moving-image installations using light and shadows. Her current work is an exploration of notions of traveling, fluidity of place and memory.

Pavitra’s work has been in exhibition in Québec, Canada and beyond. She has worked in the arts as an administrator in artist run centres and festivals as well as an arts educator at Concordia University and University of Ottawa. Pavitra grew up in Sri Lanka and lived and worked across Canada, Europe and South Korea.