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My Montreal, Our Values
Montreal, Quebec

"Jessie facilitated a digital storytelling workshop with a group of people from all different backgrounds participating in My Montreal, Our Values. In just half a day, she worked with people with little-to-no storytelling experience to create engaging, aesthetically appealing stories that, without a doubt, added immense value to the project. I highly recommend Jessie as a consultant, she is not only dynamic and engaging but finds a way to make her knowledge accessible to others."



Director of Education and Programs
Young Audiences of Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

"Young Audiences of Louisiana partnered with Hands on Media Education to bring Professional Development and student workshops to our charter school.  This was one of the best partnership experiences we have had.  Our teachers attended professional development after a long school day of standardized testing.  Not only did Jessie keep them engaged at such a stressful time, the teachers shared that they felt energized after attending.  If only all professional development was this exciting and immediately applicable! We will definitely work with Hands On the next time Jessie or her colleagues are in town."

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Frances Ann

Grade 9 teacher
Charlottetown, PEI


"I've had the opportunity to collaborate with Jessie on a number of interactive multi-media and informative media literacy projects for nearly a decade.  On three separate occasions, Jessie has come to my classroom to share her outstanding videography, cinematography, and digital animation skills with my students, who later applied these new skills to create stop-motion animations pertaining to real world issues that affect adolescents, from peer pressure and alcohol and drug use, to healthy eating and conflict resolution strategies. Jessie is an incredibly articulate, knowledgeable professional who is skilled, adaptable, and personable. My students and I enjoyed Jessie's sense of adventure and humour - she is a lot of fun to work with!"



Program Director
New Orleans, Louisiana


"Hands On Media recently led a professional development workshop for KID smART teachers.  After a long day of work, our teachers were drained. Jessie managed to create a professional development experience that was both joyous and relevant to their classrooms.  Our teachers were so proud of the work they created and energized to bring animation to their students.  One of our teachers told me, "this was one of the most enjoyable, fun, informational and educational workshops I attended all year!"  Thank you Jessie for demystifying animation for our teachers and making so many direct connections to curriculum."

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Political/Economic and Public Affairs Consulate General of Canada
Mumbai, India

"We had rave reviews from our partnering organizations and from participants in the screenings and workshops that Jessie facilitated in Mumbai. She was able to adapt to multiple levels of ages and skill levels - from ten year-olds with little previous experience with computers, to second-year animation students at India's leading post-secondary institutions - to deliver engaging and memorable sessions. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with her again."


de Lagran

Education Specialist
Montreal, Quebec

"Jessie facilitated a  dynamic and informative digital storytelling workshop during Define the Line's Digital Citizenship summit at McGill University. Jessie is a passionate media educator who believes student-centred learning is the key to unlocking life-long learners. Her flexibility and creativity make working with her a pleasure, while her ability to stir critical thinking and collaboration amongst students makes her workshops worth it!"