Student Workshop: My Digital Story

Student Workshop: My Digital Story

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This Student Digital Storytelling project was made with Future Ready Program at Concordia University. April 2019.

The Digital Story was created by Aminatou Balde, a Concordia University student, as part of Concordia’s FutureReady workshop series with Hands On Media. November 2018.

This Digital Story was made by 16-year old Will Ward, as part of Reframe Documentary Film Festival & Youth Leadership in Sustainability Project @ Trent University, December 2018.

This Digital Story was created by 16-year old Allysa Felix, who lives in Tuk, Northwest Territories. This workshop series was held as part of the Beaufort Delta Education Council's e-Learning classroom. 2017.

A Digital Story is a personal narrative created by weaving digital photographs, video, gif’s, voice, text and/or music into a digital video project.  Easily adaptable to any curriculum or theme, this workshop provides an opportunity for students to move from being passive consumers of media to active creators through the production of visual narratives. Students will storyboard their project, learn photography composition skills and edit their projects using iMovie, MovieMaker or Adobe Premiere Pro. This workshop is rich with media & digital literacy skills, encouraging students to reflect on their rights and responsibilities as consumers and producers of media.  

  • Workshop length: 5 hours

  • Level: Grade 8 +

  • # of students: 30 maxiumum

  • Tech needs: Minimum 1 computer/tablet per student

  • Language: English, French or Bilingual

Possible Workshop Themes:

  • Who am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?

  • Anti-bullying

  • Safe Internet Use

  • One historical event recreated

  • A concern in my community

  • A concern in my environment

  • Truth & Reconciliation in Canada

  • Indigenous education & awareness

  • Black Lives Matter

  • A day in my life

  • Pros and cons of being our age

  • Gender representation & hip hop music videos