Customized Media & Digital Literacy
Workshops for You

Hands On Media is at the forefront of the Media Education movement in Canada.  By providing customized production-based media and digital literacy workshops, Hands on Media offers educators, students and private organizations highly effective opportunities to engage with the evolving landscape of media education.

Some examples of customized workshops we have developed for our clients:

  • An iPad Stop Motion Animation project inspired by each students' favorite poem
  • A #BlackLivesMatter message for the world, using Clay Animation
  • Climate Change, and how it affects my life: : A Digital Story Project
  • Gender Representation in Hip Hop Music Videos vs. Feminism, and Feminist Hip Hop examples
  • Black History Month, told through animation.
  • Who Am I, Where have I Been, and Where Am I Going: A Digital Story Project
  • A variety of scenes from the French Revolution, animated by History college students.

Educators will learn how to make media education exciting, meaningful and relevant, while gaining the tools and technical know-how to seamlessly integrate technology into the classroom. Students will gain a deeper understanding of media through hands-on, production-based activities that will challenge them to think critically as both consumers and producers of media.  Organizations wanting to improve staff skills with video production, editing, animation or storytelling workshops will learn how to effectively incorporate their new, customized media production skills into their workplace for a wide variety of professional applications. 

Hands on Media workshops are designed to adapt to the topics and themes being covered in any classroom or workplace, while developing valuable and transferable skills. All workshops provide opportunities to reflect and discuss the rights and responsibilities of individuals engaging in the digital media environment by encouraging participants to reflect on their digital identities and roles as responsible digital citizens.

Let Hands On Media take your classroom, organization or workplace to the next level.